No Why

He never asked her why she danced
Or why so long ago
Sewing elastic on new pink slippers
She stuck a needle in the comforter
Covering a waterbed

She never asked him why he had to play
Strange music
Or what he heard or where he went
In expensive headphones with
Famous strangers

She showed him Oxford on the power of her words
Walked the cold mist
Touched history together
In turn he rode a box of musical wires
Offered her Venice, kissed her
Under the Bridge of Sighs

Never much money
Very little time
They never asked why

The novel it is said resides within us
Lies inside our lives.

Written in response to Ian Graham’s 3 Day Quote Challenge

Published by

Phil Huston

7 thoughts on “No Why”

    1. Oops. I missed that one. I thought you were throwing down one of those “write one off this riff” things, not responding to a quotes challenge. Apologies for that. And thanks, for the quote that caused something to fall out of my head.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. This is cracking, I really enjoyed it, so poignant., and these last two lines;

    ‘The novel it is said resides within us
    Lies inside our lives.’


    – Esme upon the Cloud waving hello.


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