Someone broke my heart today
Thought I was past all that by now
All at once I was young again
If only for a while
In a song where snowflakes turn to rain
Pictures of my foolish innocence
Scattered all to hell
Bits of a treasured ornament that fell
So very long ago
Somehow pieced together
Hanging where it belongs
Shame and regret and all the things
We never got to say
Back among the lights and tinsel and memories
That never fade away
Thank God someone broke my heart again today

Published by

Phil Huston

17 thoughts on “Someone”

    1. Rod McKuen was my first concert date after I could drive. I thought, you know, poetry was the way to a girl’s heart. Oh well. I remember he had a great heckler line. Some drunk was making noises down front, Rod asked him “When were you born?” and the drunk says whatever year. Rod said “I was through here in 19xx, I might be your father, so knock it off.”

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  1. There was a brief period of regrettable behavior. I wanted to be Byron meets the twentieth century when I grew up. Somehow hurting people always left a lesson, and I walked away from everything I was supposed to be, or had been, for nineteen years. Those memories are bittersweet. Like tear stained Norman Rockwell. I was in the music biz for 40 years, so most of my adult memories are funny, crazy, wild, outside. Since getting off the road of everyman I have tried to follow something my father said one time. “Everyone was born with one asshole. And that’s plenty.” I took that to mean I didn’t need to go through life auditioning to be anyone’s second. No whiners, no posers, no excuses. Otherwise, turn it up.

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    1. You can take the boy out of Byron, but not Byron out of the boy. “The dream of a child is the song of a man.” People will debate, but without a ‘heart’ what are we? If what we were can be understood by what we’ve become, a spin back down the years to the days of our youth is well worth it. Draw a thread through the events of our lives to a point in time and we find the wisdom we missed in the moment.

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  2. Memories, hmm… I guess it’s good once in a while to look at some, particularly at this time of year. It seems particularly made for memories. Someone asked, were they good or bad? They’re neither, just old movies on the shelf.

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      1. Quote: “Where we’ve been is who we are.” True, if we do nothing about it, but can we not change and either be more of what we were, or no longer be that? For argument’s sake, let’s say my memories say I was a thief back when, and now I abhor the concept of stealing anything. Am I still a thief?

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