Looney Lunes #128


Headline – Napa Valley Register

I feel a LOT better. Wait. I don’t eat many sandwiches in Napa. But I knew there was a reason I liked wine from Sonoma and Russian River Valley a little better than a nice glass of too sweet, not very dry Napa Valley Queue de la Souris.

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Phil Huston


11 thoughts on “Looney Lunes #128”

  1. One mouse? I’d need at least 1/2 dozen for a meal.
    One mouse sandwich, hold tails.
    What kind of cheese goes best with a mouse sandwich?
    One mouse and cheese hors d’oeuvre plate, hold the trap.
    Can I get extra De-Con mustard on my mouse sandwich?

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    1. That’s Cali, so you’d best ask for organic sprouts and vegetable based mayo. I was wondering if when you had a Napa wine hangover if you needed some “hair of the mouse” to get over it.

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      1. I lived in Marin for 20 years… Glad I’m not there anymore. But the place we’re in now is not much better; surrounded by elites. I roll the dice daily hoping for snake-eyes and a 9.0 Cascadian Temblor.

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      2. Marin was the great getaway for day tripping wannabe hip stoners from all over the bay. Our daughter was born at Kaiser Santa Clara. They could grow some herb on the other side of the bridge, though.

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      3. I was part of a team of ganjanistas who grew on plots out near Point Reyes… Along Lagunitus creek. Picked my share of LBs clean, scraped the tar off my fingers and ate it. WhooWee!


  2. Queue de la Souris – I have it from an unimpeachable source that it goes great with a wedge of Camembert. Probably be excellent with a mouse sandwich. I’m vegetarian myself, but for your readers, I need to ask: is mouse white meat or dark meat?

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