Looney Lunes #138

It all depends on where you’re standing


Headline, San Franciso Chronicle

Nowhere is that more true than NorCal. Where, in a quarter of a mile, you can go from sunny and warm and t-shirt to cloudy and cold and jacket.

Published by

Phil Huston


6 thoughts on “Looney Lunes #138”

      1. Thanks for the recommendation. Every line is filled with hysterical brilliance and I’ve ordered more books. Madness with a vocabulary is correct! Checking Wickepedia, I discovered he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had an incredibly impoverished childhood! Entertaining writing, and inspiring!

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      2. The way he casually embraces human emotional obsession, makes them loom large (as they do) in the character’s lives and throws them all under the bus like a forgotten by tomorrow headline is amazing. Lives of quiet desperation drawn with a fine, loose hand and an eye for tainted by sadness delusions. We could be happy, if…if…if…we weren’t so human…

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