Random NVDT – Bad “Poetry”

Got another one of those followed you follow me back follow harvesters. Must have been the Tractor Girl that brought them. Guess what? Yep. How much it sucks to be me on WP – I’m surprised he’s not selling his own line of lip gloss or Hop Frenzied beer… So #BadPoetryMeToo

WordPress Depression and the Sidewalk Pizza Reflex

Depressed pussies
Weak one liners
My pain! My Confusion!
I could puke

Phone in some
Sidewalk pizza for the
Poets of personal gloom
So seen
So rewarded

Confusion, fools,
Be our epitaph
Phony clip art
Beat wannabes
Trust fund tough guys
Surfing on the economy
Of sell outs

Whining – I tell you this
Two things in our world
Are their own reward
Neither eternal
One is said to give you warts
Make you go blind
The other will make you beautiful
At least
To yourself

I say to all who
Cuddle a Social Media tit
While threatening the precipice
With dirty laundry
Put on your big kid panties

Or, follow true tortured
Brilliance, Please
Go ahead, make my day
Put us all out of your
Feigned self-indulgent

There is no pity here
For how much it sucks to be
Out of touch
Fucked up
Heart Broken
With money in your pocket
A place out of the rain
Grieving like widows
In perpetual Black veils
For yourselves

Grieve instead for what has passed
Like Ex-Lax generated verbal
Excrement from your hand
Grieve for literary Diarrhea
Spewed into the cosmos
There is only choice
Make one
Fucking Cry Babies
Shit or get off the pot

Oh yeah, I forgot – Your “poetry” sucks
Buncha whiny assed

Published by

Phil Huston


14 thoughts on “Random NVDT – Bad “Poetry””

  1. Ok.
    A) I’ve read this three times already! Admittedly, the first two times through, I got distracted by the list of bad qualities you rattle off toward the end…making sure I only checked a majority of them and not all!
    B) This is pretty satisfying to let my eyes play with.
    C) Do you not pity those follow-for-follow folk? What an empty existence, virtually on social media as well as – just guessing – their real lives that they probably put even less effort into.
    Wait, “into which they probably put even less effort”…that’s better English, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fricken hysterical bro! Favorite Line: “Cuddle a Social Media tit…” You got that right. Startin’ to dig and appreciate your metaphors and similes!! “Grieve for literary Diarrhea Spewed into the cosmos…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No one I communnicate with here is in there, directly or indirectly. Hell that could be me in JD McDonald mode. No, this is for the crowded field of Rasmus et al. They are legion, the “think I’ll go walk across Europe because I was an asshole to the love of my life and she dumped me. Poor, poor me.” Learn the lesson, bro. Pull ’em up and don’t do it again if it hurts that bad. And for God’s sake don’t wear it like a life merit badge with a license to whine, you know? Pussies.

      Liked by 3 people

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