Random NVDT – Vignettes

I’m always harping on do what you do, and do it well. And if there’s something you do well, kick it in the ass. I won’t go in to why we all get sidetracked, but it happens. Whatever it was has hit the road. And now?

I don’t reblog much. But an early days blogging friend has reappeared. And I think everyone should welcome her back. Here’s a classic, damn near perfect, vignette. Sense of place? I can stand on the sidewalk and smell it. We all know it. Few of us would be able to offer it up as magically and effortlessly as this. Watercolor wordsmithing. To me? This is story telling. Cencha, who knows Letti –


In the back I could hear the murmuring swell of gossip and repercussions, the rich tide of Spanish swirling like water down a drain.

via Chencha, Who Knows Letti — inksplashstories

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Phil Huston


5 thoughts on “Random NVDT – Vignettes”

  1. Lightweight but flows easily. Enjoyable reading with en empty feeling at the end. Perhaps that was the point: to demonstrate that now matter the society, people’s lives are essentially shallow and pointless?

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    1. The trouble with being an enlightened alien priestess is the inabilty to see the many facets of the human tapestry that bind us all together. Big themes and grand ideas for mankind start with communities of people who love and talk and eat and roll their eyes at their relatives. Simple things that are the glue that bind us in shared experience. Wisps of the world through other’s eyes. Hardly the stuff of saving the world, but exactly who you need to know if you have a flat and your back’s out or you’re pregnant. Which most days, entertainment wise, beats the hell out the all the help the Chicken Little routine provides.

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