Random NVDT – Adieu For Now

Several things have come to my attention recently –

1- WordPress is the Album version of FaceBook. Enough said.

2 – I have easily wasted the last 8 months of creative energy. On projects and people, on and off line. Discovered that to be one of the causes of my current case of anti-social monkey butt. That one’s on me and I’ll own it and let it go. I hate whiners and those who can find a million ways to put lipstick on self pity. I won’t be one.

3 – I have a collab to edit. With someone who can write. Who will push for results. Like a real deadline, not an artificial one.

4 – Publishing anything of creative value on WP is a waste of time. No one will ever read it. They will click and be “happy to have found your wise and seriously happy blog”. One would be better off writing “#amwriting” one-liners, pathetic sexist/erotic stacked structure slacker SOC, re-blogging the end of world, hawking your wares or religion beautiful sunrise poetry or calling yourself an “editor” and hustling suckers. None of those are my gig, nor do I see them calling any time soon.

I will finish, with Jac Forsyth, “The Art of Drowning”, a project so full of various intrigues it’s crazy. I still think Bobby B is a runner, maybe on the novella side of adventure. “The Hot Girl”, in all its incarnations, will get self published if I die doing it. THG chapters are where a LOT of my short stories (aside from Lamar) come from. Any Beta volunteers, sing out.

I’ll still log in and follow my few faves, because I have found a few. The few who shirk their responsibilities duped by the social media and narcissism aspects of this crap are on their own.

There’s plenty of my stuff on here to read if anybody cares. Some of it is old and rough. And since this is Social Media I’ll blow my own horn. Some of it is golden. If you know anyone who writes better dialogue than I do, send them my way, I want to read them. If you know anyone who writes decent vignettes, I want to read that, too. Otherwise, I’m going to take my own advice and go write like I mean it. Like it matters. And then I’ll be back. Hawking MY wares. Maybe even doing some of that first person album version of FaceBook.

Nah. See what I mean about Monkey Butt? I got it bad.

Break time. If I don’t see y’all in the future, I’ll see ya in the pasture. Write like you mean it, tell your story, your way, and everybody else can kiss your ass.

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Phil Huston


18 thoughts on “Random NVDT – Adieu For Now”

  1. Yes. To all of this. I have been guilty of most of this at one time or another, and you are the one who has set me straight most of the time. I’ve written a story a day for the last few days and won’t stop now. I’ll miss seeing you here, but i understand the break thing. (you know i’ve taken a lot, lol.) Will go back read your stuff that i’ve missed.


    1. Now that you’ve read Brautigan, go read MacDonald. Early, not the Travis McGee stuff. 54 to 62. He can put what any of us do in a chapter in a 1/3 of a page. Loaded without the weight.

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  2. You’ll be back. And I’ll be waitin’ for ya. (Course, when I get this 2nd story published — finally got some cash to get the rest of the illustrations completed — I’ll let you know. It’s lame, comparatively, I know, but I’ll keep pounding them out.)

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  3. I’m guessing my suggestion to go to the garage for a beer wasn’t sufficient?
    Not sure if I’m part of the cause or just collateral damage, but it was weird seeing your recent words to me in this post…


    1. Your post, along with a couple of others, triggered my long standing dismay at the celebration of the trivial. I think social media wastes enough time when encapsulated with with word limits. I realize that’s a painful comment to the “Me with a Capital ‘I'” bloggers out there, and I apologize up front for being insensitive. However, and the day will come, when all the time spent on there will hit “us” in the head like a wrecking ball and all the excuses made in defense of being real, for whatever reason, will pale. Insecurity, finances, AADD, whatever. Let us remember Monet was broke and starving when he painted by the seaside and almost froze to death trying to figure out the color of snow. No offense, but a couple hundred years from now no one is going to pay real money and stand in line to read things Dave Barry (or John D MacDonald for that matter) could do in less than 500 words. The least we can do is give it our best shot, every time. You’re not my only aging gay friend who shirks their responsibilty to write valley girl minutia. Hell I can do it myself.
      Only in third person, as fiction. Yeah I’m an asshole. But somebody has to put their foot in the ass of talent wasting away.


  4. Oh, and i can’t remember if i’ve ever told you this in comment, but your writing reminds me very much of that of Raymond Chandler and Eric Ambler. (compliment)

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    1. Thank You for the kind words. I’ll be back, but for now some excess time consuming activities need to be scaled back. I’ll still read your “fascinating and knowing” blog because it is one of the few treats out there.

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      1. Aw shucks, that means a lot to me. Like your choice of word ‘knowing’ rather than the ‘bossy’ that’s usually attributed to me.


  5. Phil, I agree with you regarding people reading (not reading) blogs. But I do believe it can be a good way to hold oneself accountable and to (attempt) to be creative on a daily basis. I do appreciate your feedback and the time you take to read my posts. I like your work – it reminds me a lot of Stephen King – including your abhorrence of adverbs. You’re a fantastic writer and I’m happy to hear you will continue with your projects. 🙂 Take care.


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