Looney Lunes #138

I don’t care what you paid for, the sign said three.


Advertisement – Penney Farms Equestrian Center, Green Cove Springs, Florida

How much for eight?

Published by

Phil Huston


5 thoughts on “Looney Lunes #138”

  1. Grade school math ain’t what it used to be… sigh!  So, let’s see, if I want eight riding lessons, I pay $300 and I get six lessons… what a deal!  These people learned their math from Donald Trump? 

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    1. Gotta go back to Bush and no child left behind and add in some percentage fulfillment of equal opportunity regardless of qualifications and teachers teaching to test scores and quotas and everybody’s a winner. Trump is a media idiot, but he takes a beating for the shit he inherited that his predecessors legislated and gave lip service and did nothing about. All the hue and cry about enforcing illegal entry? Dig this. I am old and white and if I break the law I get separated from my family. I wander into Canada or Mexico without papers or a plan I’m in jail or pay la mordida. It’s time we put the blame on 50 years of look the other way American pork barrel politics instead of taking the easy target. Somebody taught him to do math or he wouldn’t be there. The trick would be to figure out his ciphering and beat him at it and fix all the crap he brings to the surface. What we hate in trump is the mirror held up to our past sins and disgraces. He’s just a dangerous loudmouth instead of a photo op poser.


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