Looney Lunes #139

No Wonder I Feel Like I Escaped


Welcome Sign on I-40 at the Oklahoma State Line

There is a longer story about a girl I had a huge crush on in 7th Grade named Jo Beth McNary, who knew me only as “the paperboy.” She was “all that” Miss Most Likely to be Somebody Cheerleader, Class Officer, Office Aide, who ran off with an escaped cop killer from the penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma.  They lived for years hiding in plain sight in the Dakotas, got popped by America’s Most Wanted, brought “home” where he went back to jail and she committed suicide at 49. If that’s “wanted” then I’ll stay unpopular. And away. There always were two ways out of Oklahoma. Glad I took the Interstate.

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Phil Huston


5 thoughts on “Looney Lunes #139”

  1. A truly heart warming welcome to Oklahoma; they must have to beat back the tourists hoping for some cheap accommodations over there. What’s a couple of years on a chain gang if you can avoid the hotel fare? As for the girl, sometimes you truly do take the wrong turn at Albuquerque. Yeah, I know it’s in New Mexico but it’s a great line and NM does border a tiny little bit upon OK. I wonder why that corridor, a left over from the Mason-Dixon line or because Texas was not yet a part of the union then?

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    1. We got the panhandle because Texas wanted ot stay a slave state and had to have borders below the imagainary line where above it was “safe” to be black. Something I use coming up in a comical exchange between Jackson and his new California roommate in THG 3.


  2. Try being an avant garde arteest synthesizer player in Oklahoma in 1973. Not a career choice for the faint of heart or one without transportation out. It took me till 77. And there’s a longer story about the crush and how we are shown the future in a moment if we only had the ability to see it bearing down on us like a Mac truck.

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