Looney Lunes #143

Ain’t No Baby Ruth, Geniuses


Headline, Omaha (Nebraska) World Herald

I want to say “Well no shit duh…” but I won’t. I managed (was) the concession stand at a City Park run public olympic size pool complete with lo-hi dive one summer. Find me a better gig for a 19 year old male.

Trivia – Nebraska has the longest, straightest main street in the world. Sort of the way your intestine feels after a colonoscopy prep.

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Phil Huston


10 thoughts on “Looney Lunes #143”

    1. I’m not sure, maybe Kearney, but there’s a highway that runs across the state and straight through whatever town it is and keeps on going. This was told to me by a native Husker, so it has to be true, Driving across Nebraska on a cold clear night, you might as wellbe driving on the moon.

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      1. I lived in Kearney too. The pool there is pristine. The road across oh-so-wide Nebraska would be Highway 30, but Interstate 80 gets most of the traffic these days.

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      1. Lol. No. When i looked at the photo of the pool. I had to look away. Love the pist though. Looney Tunes is correct.


    1. 6 lifeguards, the oldest 22, a pool full of teeny boppers, and in charge of the “sound system” (that’s a story in itself) and all the bribery involved in playing favorite songs and not losing the record. In charge of cold candy bars, carbonated beverages, purses that didn’t want to be in a locker, keys, and hot dogs. More than a summer of that would have killed me.

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