Looney Lunes #144


headline Central Somerset Gazette (UK)

What was the problem? Going Coed? Allowing non-Christian heathens access? Threatening to leave the EU? Interrupting non-stop Cumberbatch streaming in the lobby? Firing the riding chaps only barista? I mean it must have been something major because these guys are the poster boys for diversity and can’t we all just get along.

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Phil Huston


2 thoughts on “Looney Lunes #144”

    1. On several counts. I would consider myself far more guilty than the (possibly) guiltless village paper. However there is an oldage about shoes that fit…And flying in the face of all that is PC is more and more on the tip of my tongue of late. Lenny Bruce once said that if people didn’t behave like stereotypes, stereotype jokes would lose their weight.

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