Gambits #1

Gambit – an opening move, a  suggestion.

Truth is stranger than fiction

Everywhere I look lately I see authors bemoaning lack of inspiration, lack of “difference,” the muse has fled, there is nothing new under the sun. Look, there’s only so many formulas, (36 seems to be an agreeable  number) but there are a gazillion stories. Lots of self-editing books and writerly how-tos have scene starters, but the response is “It’s the same old thing.” What is stranger than fiction again?

Here you go. Mystery? Caper? Conspiracy? Black Ops? The inherent evil in auto-draft payments? Corruption in finance? Real estate? Talk about letting granny pay the rent while property values escalate…until she runs out of money.

The Truth – In 2006 London housing officials entered a flat when the rent started going unpaid. The occupant, Joyce Carol Vincent, was a skeleton. She’d been dead three years. Nobody knew.



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Phil Huston

11 thoughts on “Gambits #1”

    1. There was an episde on one of the murder porn ID shows. The cops go out to what appears to be an abondoned house where 2 sisters lived. One recently deceased had left her sister dead on the couch for years. So she could keep deopisting her Social Security check. Turns out they had both been well known Civil Rights activists, even local council members and politicians. The tag line was “No matter how active a life you’ve lived, when you become elderly, you become invisible.” EEEEEEK!

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      1. Murder porn? What strange TV shows you watch! Yeah, sounds like something that could happen here. If you register a death in the UK, the registrar is very interested in stopping the deceased’s social security benefits. If you tell them that you’ve already done it, they don’t believe you. I spent a whole day stopping my mum’s benefits after she died, but realise I should have let the registrar do it as she went over everything I’d already done. No trust.

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      2. Should clarify. “Murder Porn” is a euphemism for all the “True Crime” cop shows that go through the girsly murders and the procedural cop stuff to find the hole in the dentist who murdered his wife’s alibi. It’s not “porn” in the strict sense of, well, porn.
        Yeah, government benefits. What an Ivory Tower of singleminded functionaries. ARRRR

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    1. See the response to Stevie. Suburban London! I can’t believe it’s not a cliche in every streaming content provider’s tool box. They’ve all had parachute accidents and bike rider jealousy murders. Why not the “forgotten witness”?

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  1. A recent article in the local newspaper said about 4 per cent of Australians interact with their neighbours. They all must live in my neighbourhood. In 10 minutes, five neighbours are going to try to rescue a fish from a pond in front of a house that will be torn down soon. We’re doing it with the blessing of the new owner. Then we get to fight over whose pond it will move to.


    1. Now those are the good stories. Proof that a little bit of the Norman Rockwell world still exists. I live in Dallas. I wonder what my secretive neighbors with 6 antenna dishes on the roof are doing…And why does the guy on the corner get in his pickup every morning about 6, drive to the convenience store, buy two beers and then cruise the neighborhood at 2 miles an hour in his pickup? And turn away when you drive by his garage while he’s mopping it? Yes. Mopping the garage!
      What if the fish lottery winner decides to throw a seafood open house?


  2. Property Managers just have such a personal touch, do they not? I’m kind of surprised they didn’t think to check on her after a rent increase went unaddressed…

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