Gambits #6

Read the Emergency Room Reports + Imagination =

There are an estimated 11,250 sex-related deaths each year in the U.S. Feel free to take your flights of fantasy global. No kidding, back when there were newspapers the San Francisco Chronicle ran the weekend emergency calls. All you need is time, perhaps an intoxicant, stupidity and a light bulb…air compressor optional.

“Time” to Revamp the Setting of Your Latest Dystopia or Historical Treatise

The Phantom Time Hypothesis suggests that every calendar on Earth is off by 297 years. Google it. Talk about your effed up time machine. Set the controls for May 22, 2316 and BLAM, in the blink of an eye it’s today. Again. When was the potato famine? How old is Christianity? How long have women been second class citizens? (Forever). Jeez, work this and you can figure out how the guy who played Harry Potter got to be a teenager for like 15 years. And how celebrity birthdays drop numbers.

Or how your heroine walked through a castle door in 1981 as a tourist and ended up in the dungeon of the same for helping Mather protest King Charles II planned revocation of the Massachusetts Charter. 1684 was a leap year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. One could have all sorts of fun with this.

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Phil Huston

6 thoughts on “Gambits #6”

    1. More like lost. The good news is you might not have been born yet. The bad news is you’re waaaaaaay older than you think. I wouldn’t worry, you don’t look a day over 300.


    1. The whole point of this Gambits bit is to offer up some alternatives to the stale/overused pretenses that have been lining bookshelves for years. What if you set your time machine to check on Billy the Kid or Michelangelo and ended up in a death cart from the black plague because, WTF, history is a big crock! Ouch!

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  1. Remember, traveling in time is also traveling in space.
    Every second you are 5.72 billion miles away from where you were than when the second started — as measured from the center of the universe. So, you wanna travel back to kill your great grandfather, because, who wouldn’t — be prepared to catch a ride through the nearest wormhole.

    Microsoft skipped Windows 9, for the same reason as the Holy Roaming Empire skipped to 1000.
    Windows 10 ~ fingers? I wish I had just two. Binary rules. 10 in binary = Dos (Ex Machina).

    11 1110 1000 binary = 1000 dec

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