Gambits #7

Hey, Let’s Go To The Museum!

Body disposal 101 – The Smithsonian keeps an army of flesh eating beetles on staff. Their purpose? To strip any flesh remaining on skeletons before they go on display. Or anywhere else.


“Yes, I know, Norm. It’s a Mummy.”


“Mr. Bates, is there a problem?”

“No, little Norman here thinks every skeleton he sees is his Mummy. A Mummy, I mean. A Mummy.”

“Of course. After all it couldn’t be his Mummy, could it?”

No, no. She’s at home in her rocking chair, rotting, er, uh knitting away. Knitting. Away. Come along, Norm, let’s go look at the airplanes…”





Published by

Phil Huston

16 thoughts on “Gambits #7”

      1. This one falls under the ten foot pole (or a six foot Swede) rule. Couldn’t help it. God forbid anyone find my writing bookmarks folder and all the ethnic joke pages, racial slur pages I have for potty mouth characters. Even Bobby B has Cajun jokes bookmarked.

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  1. A local Junior High science teacher kept a tank of these beetles. You could bring road kill in (or whatever) and donate the skeletons to his collection. Stank for a while, but not too long.


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