Gambits #9

Get Your Forensics Chops On

In 2013 a Colombian man checked himself into a hospital in Medellin complaining of fever, weight loss and difficulty breathing. Tests revealed he had cancer cells in his lungs but they were 10 times smaller than human cancer cells. More tests and they figured that a tapeworm had infested his body and subsequently contracted cancer, or had already been infected, and passed it on to its host. The man died three days after being diagnosed.

I can see this one. Opening – sweaty emaciated week old stubble man in dirty shirt, his belt obviously cinched to hold up too big pants stumbles in and clutches ER counter. “Hehhh…heh…help…meeee.”

Okay, mystery buffs, who is the victim? How does the murderer do it? Conspire with a restaurant employee, shoot the tapeworm full of radioactive material, active cancer cells, some dread disease? Procedural from hell y’all, promise. Unless you approach it from the ‘shouldn’t have eaten that street vendor cheeseburger in Boys Town’ angle, and then it’s just a case of stupidity complicated by Hepatitis and a random STD.

Source – Rachel Rettner, “Tapeworm Spreads Deadly Cancer to Human”  Scientific American November 2015

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Phil Huston

10 thoughts on “Gambits #9”

  1. It was the wife. She wanted to boost the libido of her pathetic husband so she bought a “Love Potion” #X, added it to his bean-mash and plantains, and hoped for a hot night in the sack. The potion dealer is in the business of turning married women into widows and then hiring them out as cheap labor and prostitutes.


  2. He was fed the malignant tapeworm by his mistress because he refused to leave his wife. Mistress and he were in bed together having a post coital snack of strawberries dipped in chocolate and pathogens. Mistress abstained because well, the cancer and lack of desire to add to her waistline/die.


    1. So the tapeworm as delivery method was in the strawberries…And the guys had been leading his mistress on. Which is why not to have one! As Jackson is told in today’s post.

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