Open for Submissions — Orchid’s Lantern


Here’s a shot for anyone with a techno short or a scene/chapter of the same ilk that could stand alone. This is made for a (read this carefully) CONCISE episode of George F’s mind effing bed or the Antierra Manifesto. Long on action and psychological impact, short on preaching.


Just a quick reminder that we are still open for submissions to our first ever anthology: Vast. Please read the guidelines here and send us your stories about mind, soul and consciousness in a technological age by 10th September. Any assistance in spreading the word is also welcome.

via Open for Submissions — Orchid’s Lantern

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Phil Huston

11 thoughts on “Open for Submissions — Orchid’s Lantern”

    1. Me, too. It’s not Flash, Ms. Dudley is a short storyist, but still. Not my bag, I went philosophy man against the great machine hunting in my teens, and scifi/matrix isn’t me. Nobody but Vonnegut was Vonnegut, except maybe Twain, so…

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    1. I beta read for her first personal short story collection, still get marketing blurbs. I figure whether I like it or not, if it’s not one of those pay to participate things people who DO do that should know. Do do that? One of these days we’ll talk about those big circle jerk “authors” groups where they all review an$ heap unwarranted praise on each other’s “books.”

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  1. “Where did you get these earbuds?”
    “Why? What’s wrong?”
    “They’re certainly not an Apple product. And I’m sure Samsung…”
    “They came in the mail. A promo deal for some new game I checked out.”
    “How long have you worn them?”
    Ricky went to scratch the back of his ear but the doctor intercepted his hand. Ricky flopped his wrist back into his lap.
    “A week. Maybe less.”
    “I’m going to have to destroy them to get them out.”
    “Yeah, whatever. They were free, remember.”
    Each time the ENT physician had attempted to remove the silvery earpiece plugged into the side of Ricky’s head, the device would extend a bit then snap back into place. Pop.
    “I can see fine wires that must have grown out of the device and burrowed deep inside your ear canal.”
    “Very fine, finer than silk, I believe.”
    “I just want ’em gone.” Ricky cocked his head. “Did you hear that?”
    “All I hear is the humming of the florescents.”
    “Yeah, like a whisper. Something about The End and how only those with…”
    The doctor slid open a drawer and removed a hefty extraction tool. “Those silken wires should snap right off if I can get a good enough grip.”
    “Hold on.” Ricky lifted his elbows to fend off the doctor. Canting his head back and forth he narrowed in on the signal. “… those with weapons and ZeepBuds may survive…”
    “Enough,” the doctor told him. “Stay still now, while I get a hard purchase on this right one here.”
    Ricky turned and looked up into the man’s face. He gazed sideways at the clean, heavy tool, a crooked set of chrome pliers. “Those are small, but, they’ll do…”

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    1. Funny! I have these JBL Bluetooth earbuds. Getting the left one to find the right one and then lock on is dogma on a level that makes Catholicism look like a kindergarten dance recital. Now I’m scared of them. Good thing I’m not in the market for a bed…

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      1. Nanites are real. Eric Drexler says that once the paperclip machine becomes conscious, we’re all just fodder for Clippy the clip-head. (Microsoft will never live that down.)


  2. RE: Orchid’s Lantern… finally got a few moments to browse my database for something, if something there be. No, they don’t want a piece, or chapter, from a larger work. Short short, all or nothing. Anyways, thanks for making me aware of this “offer”!

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    1. If you’d learn to shorten the sermons to a solid punch and turn your scenes into standalone bits by changing the last couple of lines you’d have a bunch of them. Just sayin’.


      1. Yes, I do suffer from the curse of wordiness – blame my French, we use 5 words for every single English one. If I only had the time I’m sure I could go over a chapter of the Manifesto or Blue Dragon and make it into a stand alone, but it does take time I simply do not have. I thought I retired in 2011 and it seems I spend more time on the road or on shop work now than I did when I was fully employed. I’m not complaining… 🙂

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