Famous Composer Arrested For Patriotism!!

This date, 1940, composer Igor Stravinsky was arrested by the Boston police. For conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra while they were playing his arrangement of The Star Bangled Banner.

There is still a law on the books in Massachusetts’ General Laws – Chapter 164, Section 9, that threatens a $100 fine for performing any version of The Star Spangled Banner other than the original.

He defended his call on a dissonant dominant 7th as being “more democratic” because it was easier for non-professionals to sing. All copies of the arrangement were confiscated so no one today knows exactly where that 7th was.

Judging by the abundance of singers yodeling their way through The Star Spangled Banner looking for the notes at major, minor and local athletic events, maybe Igor was on to something.

I wonder what Massachusetts does with all those Benji’s?

It should be noted Stravinsky, a Russian immigrant, became a legal US Citizen in 1945. Also, that Grammarly insists Star Spangled should be hyphenated.

In honor of what is usually Tax Day and Igor’s arrest and artistic bigotry –


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    1. Well, hell. Yes. Write small, edit straight? Since this isn’t hooked to a “writer’s” group prompt it won’t get any traffic, but still. How embarrassing! Maybe I was thinking Set Top Box because everyone on the Ring app is bitching about dropout and bandwidth issues and “slow” wifi. Unless your computer and modem are both badass wifi is never “at speed” anyway. Off-topic. Man, what a fuck up. Maybe I was thinking about the name for some fictional alphabet soup agency…Nope. Fuck up, pure and simple! Even our toss-offs should be up to par. Maybe I should have just typed it out instead of being cute. Morning Bud. No excuses.

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      1. In a way, unintentionally, it was. I’ve mentioned many times how our brains read through clams, adjusting shit into shinola for us. I could have read through Star Tangled and never have seen it if a) it hadn’t been you, and b) TSTB had me on point. That POS 750 word thing I wrote for the end of Stanford, there were people who didn’t get it, or see it. It read just fine to them. There’s a decent reason for an existentialism why bother trip to the woods with tequila and a shotgun. Or going into house painting!

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