NVDT #43 – Don’t Trip

The Prompt – What’s the most unusual experience you’ve ever had? Have you included it in one of your books?


The young woman who smelled like a sex, weed and alcohol all-nighter walked away down the terminal corridor, her phone in the hip pocket of skin-tight distressed jeans, unkempt ponytail a bouncing pendulum against a black, sprayed-on record company t-shirt.

“God she drives me nuts,” the guy on my right said. “Did you hear all that shit? What is she, twelve?”

“Marketing is full of star fuckers and picture leaners. She’ll wake up one day and hear the ‘hose bag with an Amex’ noises behind her and decide to turn pro.”

“Maybe. Or she’ll keep at it until she’s too old or fat to be cute and fuckable for AR and end up in inside sales. I need a beer.” He pushed himself out of the plastic airport bucket chair. “You?”

“No. But watch your step. The floor’s littered with all the names she dropped.”

“I just stole that one,” he said, kicking away imaginary obstacles. He turned, his foot sideways in a soccer pose. “Think I can hit the Burger King from here with Van Halen?”


The direct answer is yes and no. Not about Van Halen, but the prompt. I’ve mentioned before that I was in the music industry for 40 years. And everything that entailed. Everything. That’s a rich experiential tapestry, a deep well, a gold mine of… You get it. To explicitly recount the most unusual experiences would amount to telling tales out of school. By logical extension to use any of that material mandates the veil of fiction. However, my characters arrive with their own tales and I know better than to attempt control of the cosmic radio and do my best to stay out of their way with my nonsense.

In truth, we are the byproducts of our existence, and we occasionally, possibly subconsciously, populate our stories in familiar territory or with a peripheral character we might have known and forgotten.

But when I write? I keep at it like a reader to see how it ends because I don’t know, and I enjoy the ride.

For the sake of the prompt, I offer this from The Hot Girl III.

Since the ‘let’s share’ idea went over like a lead balloon, that’s all I’ve got this week.



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13 thoughts on “NVDT #43 – Don’t Trip”

  1. I’d sure like to hear some of those tales. Anything to do with TVs or sharks? I’d totally forgotten to add any of my writing to the post, but then again I hadn’t written about those particular experiences.


    1. The link to one of mine is up there, in the same vein as yours.
      Sharks? Keith Emerson, off the coast of South Africa, in a shark cage. His tech for many years screaming before the cage goes under “Keep your *&^%ing hands in the cage!”
      TV? In my beginnings I worked at a video production house in Houston…Crazy days.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Some tales there, I’m sure. I have a lot of “human interest” stories from my seagoing days. I couldn’t pass them on, not because the subjects are celebs but if certain people saw them, they might tell some juicy ones about ME in return!! Some have been sent out into space, with suitable disguises.


    1. “Some have been sent out into space, with suitable disguises.

      And there are probably a few left over that might get somebody arrested or divorced!


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