NVDT Random – 1853 and Territoriality

In 1853 Illinois passed a law where if a black person showed up and stayed more than 10 days they got a hefty fine. I thought, you know, drop the racial requirement and what a great idea! Why? Shortly after I read that bit of history I read a post from galby68 wherein he wondered why so many Arizona plates in Portland. I drive around Dallas and often wonder where all the Texans are. Judging by license plates from everywhere, including Hawaii (last I looked there was no bridge), Texans are few and far between. Particularly on weekends when they’re all in Oklahoma or Colorado buying weed or gambling and dumping money into more progressive state’s coffers.

Granted, if I lived in Detroit I’d haul ass outta there ASAP, but otherwise why Texas? Missouri and Mississippi and the Carolinas, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico…Those places are livable. What the hell y’all doin’ here? Besides playin’ with your phones at stoplights and causing everyone behind you to sit through another cycle, or driving the speed limit on the Autobahns or consulting your GPS at 4 MPH and then crossing four lanes of traffic instead of turning around a block further on to get to Chick Fil A?

More than 10 days, no Texas plates? Adios. Except Winter Texans. How can we send the entire senior population of Minnesota back en masse when we can’t even evacuate all the Katrina leftovers from Galveston when a new hurricane threatens?


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7 thoughts on “NVDT Random – 1853 and Territoriality”

  1. I feel exactly the same way about the college students in my neighborhood 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Lots of out-of-state plates, which people often get to see up close when they’re t-boned by them.

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    1. I feel that one. With a college around the corner and a big one a mile away it’s a mess. Plus they put 8 of them with their own cars in a house. We won’t go into the NewNew Delhi bus stop served only by campus bus service and the 300 shopping carts rolling out in the street…

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    1. Just north of me in the land of my youth is what used to be Oklahoma. Plain old simple Oklahoma. And then the natives got territorial, which, you know, good for them, but now in one state there are 18 (out of a possible 39) Indian Nation license plates issued by the tribes. There is still an Oklahoma plate for those other tribes and the rest of the Okies. 19 plates. One state. So pretty soon when we bend over for even the least of political, gender, geographic and racial congregation how many is that? Yow! One people, one planet, one day. Starting with Oklahoma?

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