Who Will Sing Me a Lullaby?

I’m a big fan of the lullaby. The beauty is that they lurk in a song that wasn’t written to be one. Except to me a number of the early innocent songs before my time were looking out the window with longing lullabies. A favorite of mine – “Count Every Star”. I’ve heard it done from Doo Wop to Vegas lounge lizard. Treated properly kicked down to acoustic guitar or deep space piano it will knock the volume out of a loud room and turn adults into children, if only for a moment. I have no idea why. I do know it as fact.

I also have no idea why Kate Rusby isn’t a household word. If you don’t know of her music, you might think of getting acquainted. Most everything she writes and sings is in that magical land where beautifully executed simple from the heart storytelling meets the air between the notes. Everyone needs a lullaby once in a while. Who will sing you a lullabye? Kate Rusby. Don’t know if she’ll share the cheese.

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Phil Huston


9 thoughts on “Who Will Sing Me a Lullaby?”

    1. One should never aspire to be one-size-fits-all underwear. Because one day I woke up on a roadie’s couch in Stillwater, Oklahoma, this was blasting via 8track. I took it as a sign, figured out being pissed off wasn’t going to change Oklahoma, or the planet, so I had to change me. Which required of me to be better than I was. And to plant my foot in anybody’s ass I was around to jump higher and run faster and be better than they were. It’s a long story, but here’s the flash fic version.

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  1. Hang On Little Tomato by Pink Martini always struck me as a lullaby type creation, and I absolutely think we need more like it,
    And, yes…I’m still awake at 2:15. Perhaps I need a lullaby?

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