Every day Martin Luther ate a spoonful of his own excrement.

He wrote praises to God for His generosity in giving man such an important and useful remedy.

And this is the guy who was fed up with the Roman Catholic Church’s rhetorical, dogmatic and behavioral shit? Was all that too “intangible”?

Did he get it first hand? Did he catch it fresh and warm or collect it cold? Condiments? Bread? On a toasted ‘bun’? Is this where that old shit sandwiches joke came from? Martin and his poop really make me wonder about Lutheran communion.

I keep hearing a medley of Cream’s “Spoonful, spoonful, spooooon-ful” and Aerosmith’s “Gimme a little kiss. Like this.”

Never mind, I could beat this one to death. Have fun!

Published by

Phil Huston


8 thoughts on “NVDT Random – HOLY SHIT!”

  1. That’s called “copraphilia,” which is the liking of eating poop.

    I learned that word from Pope Bergoglio.

    Who issued a Martin Luther stamp for the 500 yr anniversary of the Reformation.


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  2. Gourd damn you! It took me 4 days to get past the first line…and then it was exactly what I was afraid it would be! So gross. 😂


    1. I know, right? I mean right there is the defacto poster boy for preachers/religions being full of shit. Makes you wonder what the televangelists have in those coffee cups for their little chats. Really makes me wonder about those after-church chocolate-covered donuts…

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