It’s Hard Being Mixed in America — storyteaching

This a reblog everyone, make that everyone needs to read. It’s time to call a halt to the divisive marketing of trendy ethnic bias.

…demonstrates how far we have to go, America, in our acceptance of what it actually means to be American.

It’s Hard Being Mixed in America — storyteaching

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Phil Huston

7 thoughts on “It’s Hard Being Mixed in America — storyteaching”

    1. So like the old saying about an Ethiopian in the fuel supply… I did the Ancestry thing several years ago when their data was, shall we say, in the crayon phase. Over the years it has gotten much better, deeper, more people involved. They said my daughter was related. A couple of months ago I checked and I had some black fourth cousins. So there ya go. I recall, 15 years ago,maybe? The thing was to Google yourself. I came back as a black music minister from Phoenix, a children’s book author and a criminal fraud owner of a dude ranch/wilderness excursion resort. So I quit looking. Like she said, we’re all mutts and should revel in it. My mom was a decent chunk of Cherokee. I suppose my indigenous bits should be upset about old cowboy movies.


      1. My Scottish portion is still angry with my English that’s still angry with the Nordic bit. I had a dog that was half Irish half English Setter. Talk about conflicted.

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