NVDT Random – Winners Get Shafted!

Politicians, God love ‘em, have done it again. The poor, the marginalized, the illegal, the forgotten, the hand to mouth service industry people kicked hardest by Covid – the people who just voted in the Obiden Administration, are the first ones to get the shaft!

In the current debate for a relief package Republicans want money for small businesses. Democrats say no. But they want to bail out state and local governments. Democrats are now pro big business/government? Pelosi and the Hair Farmer’s latest sticking point for the new free money bail out is that they want funds direct deposited. Only. Well, let’s take the poor, the marginalized, the illegal, the forgotten and the Covid fucked right out of that equation because 6.5% of Americans have no bank account.

That’s over 14,000,000 people.

Way more than the difference of the vote tally between “choices” that were piss poor to start with. How would the vote have gone if 14,000,000 had known they would be disenfranchised by the new regime before it got started? Who cares, Pelosi has plenty of designer ice cream in a $30k fridge. Fuck the poor, disenfranchised, marginalized… But thanks for the votes. Not.

The good news is that when asked what he plans to do about anything, instead of tweeting something childish, inflammatory, arrogant and sometimes decisive, Obiden keeps saying “We’ll get everyone together at the table and have a meeting.”

Meetings? WTF? Nobody in Washington can decide whether they need to take a shit or wind their watch!

Get the man violin lessons and a match. Because if I was one of the 14,000,000 Americans the New Regime just shit on I’d be raising all sorts of hell.

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Phil Huston


10 thoughts on “NVDT Random – Winners Get Shafted!”

  1. I don’t get partisans at all. I studied political science in college and was very obsessed. Then I realized it’s all the same, no one is actually there to serve anyone but themselves, and I no longer care or vote. Haven’t put the tv on in years except to play video games. Don’t people get it yet? It’s all the same.

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    1. I’m pretty sure there’s some segment out there that believes or the vitriol would subside. As you say the tragedy is when candidates are clamoring for votes, claiming the incumbent is doing nothing and getting rich what they’re saying is “I want that job!”
      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

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  2. This is unusually dark subject matter for you!
    Interesting, though, for sure. While I don’t think Obama or Biden ran for President out of anything more than a desire to serve – them Clintons, though…fuggedaboudit – I do think there’s a grain of truth to the assertion that others have looked to ascend for less than altruistic reasons. ego
    Honestly, I think the House and Senate are the places to really fill your pockets, if that’s your goal.
    Now, that whole banking thing…that’s an entire Kill Box of American morality versus business sensibility. And everyone loses. Banks refusing to provide services to illegals is a reality. And, just like doing – or *not* doing – business with business entities they view as immoral (strip clubs and even weed dispensaries, even after being legitimized on the state level because they are still illegal on a national level) is another example of how banks systemically disadvantage themselves and potential customers in order to fly under the scrutiny of federal oversight.
    Like so much in our country, it’s not a single thread issue. Fixing one of these frayed threads only highlights the dangerous fragility of the entire tapestry. If Biden’s slow and cautious approach allows him to gather the information he needs to formulate long term action that can be taken outside of unwriting laws with the help of congress, great. But in the short term, a lot of people will pay the price…but at least if they’re complaining, they didn’t die from COVID?
    I dunno…I was bending over backward for a bright side. 🤓

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    1. All I have to do is watch Obiden walk and I understand his careful approach. The man is a career politician, nuff said. They’re hoping he’ll croak or stroke out so Harris is the next big thing. They’ve been working on the legislation. If banks won’t work with illegals where the hell these guys get these gigantic new pick ups? The worst is the autocrats who think what women do with their bodies are a topic of debate or refuse to issue same sex marriage certs because they answer to a higher calling. Strip clubs have that off the table funding. Open one and meet your new financial associates. My point was meet the new boss, same as the old boss. It’s never about the people. it’s about them.
      Obama and Biden are the same as the Clintons and Bush 2 and the rest of them. The only thing they should be serving is time. At least from here.

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    1. Crazy crazy crazy. Now states are suing other states for changing their voting laws midstream and bulk mailing unsolicited ballots. I wonder if there’s a bait sales job open in Fiji…

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    1. Been that angry. I feel that one is predisposed, either by genetics or legacy, to a mindset of disposable humans and their effort or not. It is granted that a good deal of the wealthy are dicks, and we, the hoi polloi upon whose effort they build their counting houses are insignificant. Whether we suffer, or wail and gnash our teeth is unimportant. Unfortunately that’s how it is. Consider this – even the 1-2% with million dollar homes usually have a boss except the very few at the top. Hell, jocks are millionaires until the billionaire pulls the plug. The same with CEOs and execs. YOu can run an arm of an energy company for millions a year, but one day nepotism or economics even cuts off that cash flow. However living on millions a year for years is a decent setup. But – most of us aren’t destined to extreme wealth or genius so instead of burning energy on people with their own, albeit different, problems all we can do is light up our corner of the universe and realize that those who die with the most toys didn’t really win. Eliminating the rich who got there via Hollywood or a ball field or a good idea at the right time won’t put that money in either of our pockets nor will it eliminate caste (based on anything) arrogance.

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      1. Wow, that was really even tempered and logical. I expected a trashing. Yeah, I don’t really care one way or another, rich or poor, smart or dumb, it’s just that the illogical arguments that the right-wing economists toss out chafe ever so harshly.

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      2. The ignition switch is it seems like what they’re saying is you rich folks don’t have to give us any more money, we get enough from the paycheck to paycheck suckers. The other side of that is just as bad. Let’s give all the suckers’ money away to people who will never work a day in their lives. There has to be a happy medium somewhere. “We” can’t take care of everybody unless everybody kicks in. A fair share. Is a billionaire gonna miss 20% as much as the two jobs nurse or school teacher? Hell no. So tax the motherfuckers like everybody else. Here’s another sore spot. Churches. This is not a theocracy, so why aren’t they paying taxes?

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