NVDT #75 – How to Write Your Next SyFy in Two Minutes

Including unique devices, nomenclature and world building tools. Need a door lock that works off DNA? Opposed Tri-piston Electroinfluctance Genetakey.

Differential Girdlespring!

So what have you built lately? Leave them below.

Published by

Phil Huston


4 thoughts on “NVDT #75 – How to Write Your Next SyFy in Two Minutes”

  1. Uh, a windup, spring powered dildo?
    Rear-facing, helmet mounted biking camera?
    CO2 instant-inflated guard dog with Spark-bark, a muzzle that spits fire?
    A pistol that shoots ice pellets?
    A trash-compactor that uses thermal depolymerization to turn garbage into fundamental elements?

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    1. I think i recall ice bullets in some show or book. Show, probably. One of those things where half a dozen detective shows have that episode over a couple of seasons. Like the bike race and parachute jobs running around a few years ago. Bike riff just made it to Death in Paradise. Instead of basic elements can we have clean burn energy from garbage like Back to the Future?

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      1. Thermal depolymerization is a fascinating process of heat and water that can take practically any organic material and turn it into fuel and composite parts. Mr. Fusion? No, more like Soylent Green for garbage.

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      2. Soylent Green is People!!!
        I’m not sure I want to be broken down into a green Ritz…but banana peels and whatever makes my trash can stanky into my gas tank, that’s a go.

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