NVDT Totally Random – And Then After I Tried To Cut My Thumb Off…

I have read a number of blogs where people complain of stasis, not getting anything done, couch potato syndrome, Covid Fatigue. I hear ya. Me too. But I decided to get off my ass, dust off my tools and shine my DIY Merit Badge for January ’21 if for no other reason than to prove 2020 was over. I can’t change career politicians, the price of gas, the stock market or bad behavior, but I can change what I complain about the most…

Scene 1 – On one wall of my kitchen I had a dark broom closet / pantry that was beyond useless. The door opened into a wall, no light, no way to build slide outs because of the door frame. A fridge in the middle and another tall useless random cabinet. When I was finished I had twice the storage that matched my other cabinets and 61 inches of granite countertop.

Next came my cluster fuck of an office, music room. I couldn’t move, everything was an arm’s reach away, computer off axis with keyboard, cables a spaghetti infestation. What was I thinking, piling shit on I couldn’t get to or use? So I fixed it. Because I know better.

Next was the BIG DEAL – To make the original side of the kitchen match the new side. Let’s talk countertops to backsplash gotta go. From the old cabs to the microwave hole. (The microwave isn’t returning but going in with a single oven.) I even learned enough about cutting granite I made a window sill out a slab of leftover. Since the last picture I’ve installed a new vent hood and re-done the switches and receptacles, waiting on oversize wall plates. Also waiting on oven replacements at the end.

Had another wall going to waste, the one next to the door that leads to the garage. Never been room for a “breakfast nook” so it was dead air. Got out the speed load hex keys, hit up IKEA and then the hardware store for matching pulls. Instant furniture that almost looks like real furniture. After all this I have more than doubled the storage in the kitchen. In fact I have more storage than I have shit to put in it, which is a good thing.

Last but not least I got up one morning to go somewhere and the damn garage door flashed the “I’m Done” code, so I replaced the logic board. Which of course required a drive across Dallas because the usual suspects couldn’t get me one inside of a week. The only available one came in a faceplate that wasn’t a direct replacement. No biggie, board swaps are screwdriver work. But it got me to wondering. How much logic does a garage door need, anyway?

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22 thoughts on “NVDT Totally Random – And Then After I Tried To Cut My Thumb Off…”

    1. Yes. That was the easiest bit except for standing in the rain at the dock door of the parts place in the depths of the industrial district, surrounded by beat up diesel belching work trucks and tobacco spitting workmen!

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    1. The other day someone who frequently publishes shit with shinola covers mentioned that a while back a friend had bought the entire series of her books with little intention of reading them but to make the author feel better. And you know what? I refrained from mentioning the toilet paper shortage and how 12 at .99 was cheaper than a 12 pack of Charmin would have been around the time of that sale. The critic has silenced himself. Y’all feel free to hurt yourselves with slovenly output as you wish, and I will join you, since it really doesn’t matter after all.

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      1. There you are!
        WP is not publishing by the way. It is a buried, infrequently visited, scarcely noticed platform used by wanna be’s to practice, lament, bitch, moan, or otherwise get something off their chest which no one in their right mind would listen to in daily conversation.
        But yeah, I find you and a few others highly amusing.

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      2. Beats Facebook! What I’m on about is WP as a web wrapper for those who “publish” into the deep well of vacuous and endless indies on the ebook reservoirs.

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      3. Actual printing and publishing has a large overhead: space for machines, which means mortgage or rent or leasing costs, labor to run the machines, paper, ink, taxes, etc. Like any business. WP? It’s free. No cost. No barrier to entry. Any slovenly retard can publish here. And many do. LOL!

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      4. People pay for that on demand paperback, though. But for indies I stick with free or .99 Kindle. Can you imagine spending 14 bucks on some of that stuff? There are a few on WP with good ideas and less than stellar execution. There ought to be a program that we type in what we have and hit a “in the style of” button and get output the idea deserves without having to flog it. We have it in music software. I smell a post…

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  1. And to think you had the foresight to take photos along the way.
    Get ‘r all fixed up and sell it, seems to be the trend. “Polish it for me? Hell no, ‘doin this for the next owner.” (Huh?)

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