Hey, Germany and Lithuania

Why the hell are you mining my site?

If you’re not really Germans and Lithuanians and you’re hitting me from VPN, tell me why. If you are Germans and Lithuanians, tell me why.

I’ll be glad to engage in a conversation. Failing that, I’ll take this site down and start over. Which would be ridiculous at this point because you’ve hit everything on here at least 4 times. I would like to flatter myself by thinking I am such an addictive writer that y’all can’t stay away, but my Mama didn’t raise no fool.

This site was supposed to be a place like SoundCloud where I could run my own gallery, so to speak. But 60 and 70 to upwards of 90 hits per day, no comments, no likes, just trolling the site over and over for several weeks has made me suspicious.

Not that I have anything worth stealing or plagiarizing, repeating or reprinting. Nothing incendiary, rarely topical and pretty much mainstream. So the shadow game is inexplicable.

Contact me directly or go away.

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Phil Huston


12 thoughts on “Hey, Germany and Lithuania”

  1. Weird and puzzling. Years ago, I had 405 hits in a single day from Saudi Arabia. I think they visited every page and have probably never been back.


  2. For me it’s always Slovenia and Romania with the high number of random hits. I hate the DFY website follows the most. Or the ones who like every single post. Or the ones who write Nice post! on everything and you look at their blog and every post has 1000 likes and comments.

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      1. I still get the occasional lonely dude looking for specific porn who hits on one of mine with an easily misconstrued title, and I get that. And a raft of hits from the US I get because they might have been sent. But the trampling of the poor garden by Germans is absurd. I feel like the old fart yelling “Get off my lawn!”

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    1. You’re as cynical as I am about friend farmers. My favorites are still the ESL Indian girls who write B- Hallmark Moment Greeting Card content and call everyone Dear and Darling in their comment responses. They could post the ingredients of a microwave burrito and get 350 likes and comments in under an hour. And if you question their bass ackwards usage (because why not throw a rock in the still pond) it’s your fault for not getting it and their English teacher said… and when you respond with something nitty like “This ain’t Bob Dylan, or Keats or Blake so if clarity is suffering for the sake of contrivance, think about rewriting it.”

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    1. I was hoping maybe my stuff reads a lot better translated. I’ve had high hit days here and there, and the random lonely person from Somewhere Euro hitting on posts with titles that could be misconstrued. There are no boobs here, move along.

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  3. Privacy? Copyright? No such thing anymore.
    First mover or nothing.
    Of course, nothing new under the sun, so, why even bother?

    NFT: Non-fungible Tokens. Sell your digital secrets to the highest bidder.

    “This quote is for sale.” [$15,000 obo] NFT_ID: nft-36996627-54f5-4f4f-b939-3d0e0616dfab

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    1. Yep. Proving or disproving intellectual copyright is only for the $ crowd. George Harrison “My Sweet Lord” vs The Chiffons “He’s so Fine.” In case the original of whatever is still on my site vs the German or Lithuanian Great Kerrigan Bank Robbery sans ending isn’t Taco Bell lunch money for an anorexic.
      Which brings me to (nothing new under the sun) I think it’s time to throw in the towel on the writing thing and get a day job at the grocery store as the geezer who drops the bottled water on the bread and chips.

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      1. … something at which you could no doubt excel.
        My muse must be locked in a sweaty sea trunk, chewing her nails past the knuckles, muttering about the spiders in her ears whispering how eclairs must crackle, just a bit, when you bite into them. She won’t be bothered to respond, or so she told me.

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