NVDT #84 – The Faulkner-Buck-Hemingway-Morrison-Eliot American Nobel Add-on Pack Available for Immediate Download

I knew it was coming – We’ve had this in the music business since 1998. Since the 70s if you want to get nerdy about it, since wire and tape and Musique Concrete if you’re history retentive, but let’s stay contemporary. Today it’s Download the DJ Whatsisass Producer Pack! All kits/styles played by real musicians! Up to 8 types of keyswitchable articulations for maximum expressiveness!

Seriously, a program called ACID ph1 was the first to offer operational usefulness in allowing the user to drop, tempo match and assemble slices of audio into “songs.” I’ve been saying it was coming, just like I said back in the 90s that the first people to get hardware synths into computers would be the winners. Been to a music store lately? The keyboard department is a tenth the size of the 80s and 90s. In fact a Music Director friend of mine said he’d gone into GC Hollywood and “I was like where’d all the keyboards go?”

Por exemplo – I was in an empty office the other day, fired up the TV and hit the music channels, landed on some Drum and Bass. I left 3 hours later. It was the same, long, uninterrupted song. A song anyone could download the components of for $10 and “produce” in their bedroom.

Well, what follows is the demise of the indie writers as would be arteests. Not that 98% of us shouldn’t stop polluting the internet anyway. Maybe this will do away with the overabundance of adverbs, inside out sentences, bad dialogue, hiccupping continuity. Won’t do a thing for the plethora of “I’ve got a chef or Danger Barbie and Hunky Ken, too!” clones. Unfortunately we won’t be able to spot the female ESL Hallmark moment poets from T.S. Eliot except from the comments section.

I’m already inspired by the graphic below. I see a series where a dwarf with propecia, a mangled left ear and a wooden leg wanders the underworld carrying a squeeze bottle of Clorox Gel Bleach and a magic brush looking for the one toilet ring he can’t clean. That particular toilet being his portal of escape. That is, if he can find someone willing to flush him.

BAM – My Inbox Today

Hi there 👋,

Big news 🎉 After three grueling years of development and testing, our team is truly excited to reveal our most ambitious project yet! Announcing: Reedsy’s Novel Generator.

Having analyzed over 10,000 bestsellers from the past fifty years, Reedsy’s proprietary AI system can now instantly generate novels to rival some of today’s most celebrated works.

With over 50 billion possible combinations of characters, time periods, and plot events, each novel created with this system is guaranteed to be unique. Any book you create with Reedsy’s novel generator can instantly be copyrighted under your name — so try it out and get ready to have a hit on your hands.


If you like this new generator, make sure you share it with your friends!

Happy “writing” 😉

Martin, Blog Editor @ Reedsy

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Phil Huston


12 thoughts on “NVDT #84 – The Faulkner-Buck-Hemingway-Morrison-Eliot American Nobel Add-on Pack Available for Immediate Download”

  1. Um. What. The. Literal. ?
    This is America?
    Welp, if we can’t clone people, I guess we may as well clone talent. And no one industry should corner the market.
    Still, I’ll continue to stick with taking pride in accomplishing something that’s mediocre at best versus a Mad Libs-esque best seller.
    Good lord, why did this trigger me so?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To me this is in the same ballpark as men who identify as women taking up wrestling, archery, roping, riding, volleyball et al as women. Women, as women, put in the time to compete on a par with other women, not with Shaq in a dress. The same holds true of learning to play an instrument and a junior high kid who thinks tuning is a city in China can become a millionaire on YouTube assembling clips of “real” musicians over a 4×4 kick drum and becoming a new dirty south Detroit basement house techno grunge industrial Danish disco icon. Plotto was bad enough. This is absurd. So your indignancy is righteously righteous.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I plan to. It could generate many laughs. But it can’t really usurp anything, can it, because it’s lacking the two most important ingredients, emotion and experience.

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  2. You jest. But, this WILL be a thing, and soon at that. I predict that by GPT-5, you’ll get your Reedsy-novel wish. Of course Microsoft owns (controls) that technology now, so they’d “technically” own the copyright. But, with a novel just a few configuration files away, the shear number of debut stories will overwhelm their lawyers. I’m writing an AI that writes config files as we speak. It’ll be AI feeding AI in an artificial schlock-generation frenzy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You might be the only one who figured the April Fools angle. It was fun, though, because when one clicked into Reedsy and hit the submit button it changed the title and said Not Yet! Thank the great Is that there is no switch on Pro Writing Aid et al for “fix all”. Because it’s homogeneous enough out there.

      Liked by 1 person

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