Paxton Smith – “The Hot Girl” is No Longer a Myth

Six years ago I wrote a book. Make that several. They chronicled the life of a young, angry, would-be “Feminist”, “Women’s Rights Advocate”, “Libber” named Deanna Collings. Then #metoo hit and it felt opportunistic to let go of a what amounted to a coming of age fairy tale with a cast of female characters from sledge hammer moms to the interns working for a pair of rich, powerful lesbian fairy godmothers. And the evolution of an eventual boyfriend.

A number of people told me no such girl existed. Or that she wouldn’t behave the way she did, or swear like her brother or be such a romantic or drive like Danica Patrick or know how to hotwire her brother’s old motorcycle. Or be a cool and klutzy ex-cheerleader, pretty and smart, risky in some ways and not in others. I quit listening because 95% of Deanna Collings is a patchwork quilt of the same people who told me she wasn’t all that.

However one beta reader, a middle school teacher, mentioned seeing a Deanna type pass through every couple of years and hoped they made it without being waylaid by pitfalls from bad boyfriends to Stepford Syndrome, things Deanna and other female characters encounter along the way. The teacher even sent me a school picture of what she thought Deanna looked like. Which was interesting because over several books Deanna is never described in great detail. On purpose. I set her up to belong to the readers from page one.

MEET PAXTON SMITH – The other day a local girl pulled a Deanna Collings at her valedictorian address. She removed a subversive substitute speech out of her commencement gown to supplant the one she’d had approved. Kick ass, Ms. Smith.

Maybe I should dust off the first two THG’s, rethink the title, sharpen my editor’s crayon. Because the world needs more Paxtons and Deannas.

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Phil Huston

24 thoughts on “SURPRISE!”

  1. I listened to this speech, and assume that the Heartbeat bill with its ban on abortions over 6 weeks of pregnancy is just for the state of Texas. What’s to stop a woman in early pregnancy going to a different state to get the abortion she wants? In Ireland abortions used to be banned too, but many women came to England to get them instead. Many pregnant women who do not want a baby will go to any lengths not to be pregnant.

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    1. I think Paxton (and Deanna’s) superficial point is women shouldn’t have to travel or be concerned with obtaining an abortion. If we drill down, the primary issue is that women’s bodies shouldn’t be a legislative concern in the first place.

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      1. Probably a man, or men, passed this bill in the first place, lol. What it also comes down to is getting more women in the corridors of power, but that’s another story.

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      2. Well, more women who won’t stand up with the men. In a temper tantrum one of the angry fairy godmothers throws she makes the obvious point that sisters are sisters’ worst enemies.

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      3. Men won’t look after the babies full time. Sisters tend to be at mother-and-baby groups and work part-time instead of stalking the corridors of power. Childminding usually falls to women, and the reality is they don’t earn enough to pay a full-time nanny. I’m getting on my soapbox here … childminding should be shared equally but that’s probably decades away.


      1. I couldn’t swear to that… It’s way out of my usual purview. Complete with prequels and holes and the point is the story, not the story making a point.

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  2. Reassuring to see Deanna come to life in Paxton. Someday—possibly too long away—conservative men who try to legislate about women’s bodies are going to completely lose the game.

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  3. Knowing my background, you can safely assume my opinions on the matter; but what I will say is that it is quite delightful when you come across your own characters in real life and your imagination seems vindicated somehow.

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    1. Termination is a flash point, cleverly manipulated for people just like you. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs, this is not a theocracy. The issue is enslavement of over half the population by legislation. No one puts a gun to anyone’s head for pregnancy termination any more than they do for any other sort of activity be it an addiction or a past time. It’s your (literal use) body, which makes it none of anyone else’s business. Particularly a legislative body.


      1. A clever manipulation, for people just like me, might be to trigger someone by saying almost nothing. Too many oceans of ink have been spilled on the topic for me to care. I was interested in the topic of character creation.

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      2. Here’s a secret – they (characters) come to you. I have never “created” a character. I’m in a scene I’m riding along in, one of the characters looks around and says “That’s why we’re here, Bobby. Meet Annabelle Monet.” And there she is. Just what the story needed, nothing to do with me. Like the Star Trek transporter, I meet Annabelle at the same time and off we go.
        Deanna showed up full blown. I was trying to make the world a safe place for 2k shorts, unlike the shit that is omnipresent in everything from The Atlantic to the AARP rag. They were first person, and they sucked. I was editing something sucky, about four lines, ready to chuck it. She showed up on my shoulder and said Clear the page and forget all that. I have a story for you. All you have to do is write it down.


  4. George Carlin, my latest Guru, says it best: (And I paraphrase without his timing or comic delivery) Conservations only pretend to value life while it’s in the womb. After that, they don’t give a shit until the fetus, once grown, becomes draft age or is old enough to fight and die in a war over oil rights.

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      1. Well dammit, that’s good but it’s been done. An Amazon author, Jana Deleon has a bossy, almost butchy Danger Barbie with a lot of feminist don’t need no man background noise that has been exiled to Louisiana for fucking up a CIA hit in the middle east. I read the first one. There’s like 18 now so maybe they don’t take deep breaths or hold their breath 64 times a book. It’s a take on the Evanovich Danger Barbie with disposable/interchangeable Hunky Kens. So Deanna/Paxton as hitter is out. God help me being a clone of a clone. Which is pretty much unavoidable but at least a clone of some better caliber clones.


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