NVDT Random – Know What I Mean?

After the post on weird words and stranger meanings, Leggy Peggy offered a comment on how a friend of hers from Morrocco sends her notes where nothing is spelled properly, but she has no difficulty understanding them. While cleaning out and organizing files this week I ran across the scan below from my music daze and found it a fitting example. Even if no one ever spells my name properly, I knew it was for me.

At the time I worked for a distributor into Mexico and South America. The gentleman who wrote the letter got me out of more messes on my clinic tours than you can imagine. He also served as my interpreter when I got past ankle deep in Spanish. That’s the real gist.

We understood each other well enough to have a good time, and not piss anybody off. When my canned Espanol routine would get derailed by a question I didn’t grasp? It became a comedy routine. He’d translate the question. I’d answer as best I could in Spanish before he’d shake his head and take over. I’d ask, in front of 5,000 people, “Say what? I need to learn that one,” and he’d repeat it. I’d repeat it back, look to the audience for a yay or nay. A good deal of what got yelled back at me was in fun and unprintable. Even if I understood I’d come back with “¿Qué tiene que ver tu hermana con esto?” (What’s your sister got to do with this?)

If my wife had to grade this as an English 1301 project, Marco would fail. But I know exactly what he’s saying. Wawt madders is kontint, wee kan fix the rust. Know what I mean?

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11 thoughts on “NVDT Random – Know What I Mean?”

  1. I can imagine people yelling “Feel, Feel!” When you were traipsing around Mexico back in the day, making it feel more like some dialogue from a hippy dippy retreat villa juxtaposed against a third world setting.

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      1. Speaking of which…do you have one? I have one on the back of my mind, in case i ever she a serious run at mainstream fiction…methinks it will be in mothballs for quite some time! 😂

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        1. I have two or three I could clean up and publish tomorrow. Plus the tongue in cheek pulp novella. And one I want to write, have started but it’s so convoluted I can’t explain it to myself so… I feed the music biz and lifestyle stuff sanitized through Jackson. And there’s one. I need to clean and publish the Hot Girl 1&2. But they suffer from that writer gives birth to War and Peace excess of and then they did, and then, and then…

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          1. Haha. I know. I *know*…ultimately, I decided just to get out of my own neurotic way and tell a story. Writing stories could be the meaningful relationship of my adult life, so I’m looking at it as a “for better or for worse” situation, fuck all else. 😎

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