I’m Offended #1

I’m sick of divisive language, and using it to leverage a point.

Pick a topic and these days you’ll get two viewpoints, or an act will be attributed to two viewpoints. Conservatives and Liberals, Red and Blue. That’s it. Whatever happened those fuckhead conservatives or those fuckhead liberals did it. It’s the broadest swath, painted with the broadest brush. No consideration of the issue. If it’s a fail, the conservatives or the liberals blocked it. If it’s a win the conservatives or liberals did it despite opposition from conservatives or liberals.

I call bullshit.

The whole thing is tantamount to giving Monet a 9-inch roller and gallon of flat grey latex. Or, hey, Beethoven! Here’s 37 mini-keys and a cheesy marimba sound. There will be no nuance, no finesse because they have been eliminated from the artistic palette.

This came up in blog where book banning was attributed to the broad swath of “conservatives” Possibly. More likely religious zealots and cultural extremists. I can’t seem to find any typical broad swath conservatives attempting to rewrite history or change 100 plus to five-thousand-year-old literature to make it more palatable to appease far less than a majority who are “offended”. Don’t read it, change the channel, put it down and write what you like to read. Erase history and we are doomed to repeat it.

It seems there is no viable discourse without attributable blame. A process that is perpetrated by pseudo intellectuals, bloggers, academia, talking heads, “influencers”, pop stars and politicians for the sole purpose of maintaining an electronic personal momentum. I recall a line from a Bonanza rerun – “If’n ye ain’t fer us, yer agin us!” What a mess. A lowest common denominator cheap shot mess.

I’m offended when, in a Google search, I get interrupted by an ad from either party asking for money to help beat down the opposition. Fuck you people, you know? WIFI and internet access ought to be free for everybody. Fix that, then ask me for money you don’t deserve to get nothing done.

I’m also offended by my last post. No, not the language. That’s a direct take. Or the portrayed racism. That’s real. Nope, what I’m offended about is that I don’t have a lot of followers because I don’t friend farm or fawn over mediocrity and what followers I do have, nary a single one commented. OMG, there’s characters talking racial smack all over the map. Okay I’ll like, maybe, but I won’t leave any tracks. God forbid anyone should think I endorse this type of thing. So here’s a secret. I wrote that on purpose. Not that I’m a fan fic person, but you could word it up a little and plug that scene into Get Shorty or Stay Cool or The Switch. Because when the racist, misogynistic animal thieving assholes bite it the crowd will cheer. Is 2005 so far away no one remembers what sort of books used to make movies? Or are we all so walled into our pillow forted weak sister half assed circle jerk of author liking author Indie cozies that we need broad swath right or wrong don’t offend anybody shit lit? Bob is a racist homophobe. I’m the author, believe me. The crowd screams, “Death to the racist homophobe!” Wow. Because the author said so? Great. Next step? Let’s paint every conservative as a book burning racist homophobe. I say behave like a racist homophobe, okay you are one. But just because somebody in a shitwhistle town in Georgia killed a black gay guy automatically makes every white male in Georgia a racist homophobe? That’s some scary Aristotelean logic right there. Scarier is that logic, in that vein is both pandered to and pervasive on both sides of the street.

Change the channel, turn it off, put it down. Because I’m offended by so much race and gender propaganda I could puke. For example, I’m cruising Google looking for a tutorial on a piece of musical software and half the screen is suddenly filled with Stop Asian Hate. WTF? Asian hate WAS the furthest thing from my mind. Until it was thrown in my face. My PCP is Dr. Nguyen. My pharmacist is Paul Nguyen. My urologist Dr. Benaim. My cardiologist Dr. Bavakati. These people are charged with keeping me alive and I am reminded to develop some hatred for them so I can then stop it and participate in the “conversation”? I’m offended.

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Phil Huston


30 thoughts on “I’m Offended #1”

    1. I’d enjoy Texas a lot more if the powers that be would stop pandering to extreme right just for 15 or 16 votes, and women didn’t have to check their genitals at the border. Lunatics in the state houses keep coming up with all sorts of no state tax workarounds when all they’d have to do is legalize weed and casinos. Texas throws so much money at Oklahoma and Louisiana it’s fucking ridiculous. You want potholes fixed, open the dispensaries and the gaming tables and stop taking it from schools. Idiots.


  1. Somehow, I completely missed the post in question – or completely forgot I saw it. But I’ll be damned if I’ll go looking now. I’m stubborn like that! But I’m betting on the former, because you know I’d comment on a gay guy getting killed. Something along the lines of “Lucky bastard doesn’t have to suffer through living in today’s Gay Kulture”. But I say shit like that so often, I can no longer remember every incident.
    Because, you see, good sir, my own subculture offends me. So I say something, because the only thing allowing things to get worse/keeping things from getting better is for people to say nothing, if I can paraphrase an icon. So keep talking. If we – let’s call ourselves moderates instead of outliers, hmm? – stay silent, the sure thing is things will continue to spiral downward with no earth (flat or otherwise) to stop it.
    It’s up to us. And when we say something and the offender had no factual or persuasive argument in defense of their position, it’s our responsibility to tell them their position is an opinion and they are certainly entitled to it, but their right ends at subjecting others to it and does not extend to forcing others to live according to it.


  2. Phil, your posts are complex and I am not well rounded enough to catch all the references, so I am damned scared to comment and look stupid. I enjoy them though. Sometimes I put them aside to study later because you have compound thoughts but you know how that goes. My “likes” are comments. You should feel good that you write posts that are not susceptible to easy comments.

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        1. WordPress tells us that stuff. That’s how I discovered the Eastern Block content downloaders. 419 hits on 419 pages, no likes, no comments and then running a plagiarize check from one of the pages and being asked “would like to translate this page? Fuckers. Free is bad enough you know?

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  3. Phil – sometimes you read my posts and don’t comment. Commenting is not compulsory. I pressed ‘like’ to show I had stopped by to read it. However, I’ll give you the main reason below why I didn’t comment:
    1. Although I read it, I didn’t understand all of it. Coming from the UK as I do, sometimes the vernacular you use is totally incomprehensible to me. I much prefer reading standard English. As an example I’ll write below a short conversation in Cockney rhyming slang …

    Phil pointed to the object in question.
    “What’s the damage on that joanna?”
    “A monkey.” The Bubble showed a gleaming set of hampsteads.
    “You’re ‘avin a tin barf ain’t ya? I’m boracic.”
    “Straight up.”
    “I need it fer me saucepan lid.” Phil sighed. “I fort abaht free ton.”
    “You’ll ‘ave ta get some more bees, mate.”

    See what I mean? If you’re not from the East End of London as I am, then you might have difficulty following that particular conversation.

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    1. Of course. That’s why dialect and slang are supposed to be minimal. Unless you’re Irvine Welsh. I worked part time for a man from Manchester. He’d make me do the phone work because after 15 years here he’d say “I can’t talk Texan.” We’d both do it, though – he’d take a call from his sister in Manchester, I’d take a call from some east Texas client. We’d get off the phone and ask each other what the hell was the other one talking about.

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  4. You know, if I’d have seen your post, I probably would’ve commented. That probably sounds like a cop out, but other than to post for my prompts, I hadn’t been through to read in a couple days. Before all this division and vitriol, people weren’t always so “in your face” with issues and cramming ideas —whether asked for or not — down our throats.

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  5. As you know I’m on a semi-break so I’ve been doing little commenting. I’ve had your stuff bookmarked but when I skimmed through the recent one I saw some language, so I’ve been waiting/watching the comment section to see what was gonna happen. I had the same expectations you did. It’s not the type of post to make drive-by commenting easy which we know is so popular on WordPress. How dare you make me read this and think about it instead of glancing at the title and writing a one-line smart remark??!!

    Re: offensive stuff: I am a fragile snowflake and am offended ninety-five percent of every waking moment, but I am also massively pro-free speech, no matter what it is, how repugnant, stupid, whatever. Because as soon as someone decides what’s acceptable for other people to read/hear, it’s over. “Consequences” for unpopular or offensive speech should be…. more speech. I just stay away from stuff I don’t like or watch it to get angry.

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  6. Oh crap! Procrastination has bitten me in the butt again. I flagged your last post to read when I had time to enjoy it because I so enjoyed the previous one. But now, you won’t know if I’ve been browbeaten into commenting or if I really do like it.

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    1. My intent wasn’t to browbeat or pull the internet weasel guilt trip, or a “read my blog or I’ll shoot this dog” thing. I found it surprising that even my inbox, where I receive notes, comments and criticism was empty for this post.


  7. Wow, you posted a test and everyone failed. I could drone on about why I didn’t comment on your previous post, but my timing would be bad…it would sound like a bag of shitload excuses. I was a bit surprised to nada comments…but oh well.

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