NVDT RANDOM – Bob Ross on Meth

I am not on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or any of the many other ways to waste time or turn my brain to Jell-O. YouTube is the one trap I fall into. I can start out learning a piece of software and somehow end up watching a skinny redneck kid clean up overgrown properties no one else will tackle. For Free.

Forget that. Someone sent me the link below. Bong with Bob on Sunday afternoons. Too bad this doesn’t have the snow and orange sky sets.

Kind of like the franchise authors. Get a little momentum and “beat the devil out of it.”


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Phil Huston


9 thoughts on “NVDT RANDOM – Bob Ross on Meth”

  1. Another artist I watch on UToob is Jazza. The guy’s entertaining and talented.
    I recall he once tried to paint a Bob Ross blind — from Bob’s descriptions alone. Came close.

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    1. What happens to me is I’ll find some off the wall mid 20th Century crackpot composer from bumfuck Europe or South America and hit up a link from the sidebar and get off into the weeds.

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    1. Bob does stuff with a brush and color that’s amazing to me. I was a pen and ink guy, but never got color other than as an appreciation, so all those arteests are in a class by themselves. Anyone who can take a flat brush and talk and make me believe a tree or a snow-covered roof or a rock appeared before my eyes isnothing short of magic.

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  2. Like you, I don’t do any social media garbage except YouTube. I have little self-control but having a screen time goal set on my phone helps. I loved watching Bob Ross, he made it feel like you could accomplish something and actually enjoy the process without having to agonize.

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