Not too Deep, Not too Wide

You could fish here with your Grampa. Or stand by the rail and think about Route 66 a long time ago. Walk across and feel the wood move, hear it creak and groan. You could park just off the road in the shade and blow an entire afternoon with the stereo off and nothing but the music of the breeze and the birds and the creek to serenade you on a hot, Oklahoma summer day. You could share it with a friend or your true love, stand  with your arms resting on the rails, watch the leaves fall and touch the water. Like your thoughts they float off into the unknown. You could think about who you are, where you’ve been and where you haven’t and how you might correct that. You could think about nothing at all and let the movies your mind wants to play for you run until the sun starts to set and twilight says get home before they eat without you. You could bask in the simplicity of your not very deep thoughts and be all the better for it.Simple isn’t always as simple as it seems and navigating shallow waters is often worse. Feel free to click on anything to the left. Words are much the same as music. You never know where they might take you. Deep or not.