The Art of Drowning

The Art of Drowning
Has been Suspended from the Internet

The collaborative effort, inspired in part by Ash N Finn’s creepy wreck sketch in the header, one of her short and to the “point” stories and a response to the sketch by Jac Forsyth at The Perilous Reading Society  has transcended its Internet test infancy and is now in the editing stages of becoming a novel.



Look for The Art of Drowning, an episodic, psychedelic, Gothic flavored literary event, hopefully by Fall 2018.

Nothing is simple. Three writers, three points of view, no rules, no outline. A sketch and a preamble. What could go wrong?


Wreck Sketch  — Ash N Finn

PAJ and Art of Drowning Graphics — Jac Forsyth

All graphics are the property of the original authors/creators