The Art of Drowning


What follows under this menu heading is a collaborative effort between three very distinct  writers with three very distinct styles. Inspired in part by Ash n Finn’s creepy wreck sketch in the header, one of her short and to the “point” stories and a response to the sketch by Jac Forsyth at The Perilous Reading Society. I consider what they do ethereal. To that ether I add what I do. Dialogue and narrative. I have likened this project to an old time Jefferson Airplane concert at the Fillmore West. There’s a story (a song), and then there’s all the psychedelic periphery. The light shows, the sounds, the imagery that turns three minute pop songs into experiences and extended jams. And an afternoon of them into an event.

That is “The Art of Drowning.” An episodic, psychedelic flavored literary event. What’s it about? The authors don’t know, the characters don’t know, so it’s your story to let unfold and experience.

Nothing is simple. Three writers, three points of view, no rules, no outline. A sketch and a preamble. What could go wrong?


Wreck Sketch  — Ash N Finn

PAJ and Art of Drowning Graphics — Jac Forsyth

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