The Great Kerrigan Bank Robbery

Kerrigan, Texas. The mythical county seat of Kerrigan County.  An easy drive between, say, Canadian and Booker. Down the road west from Lipscomb. An honest to God Middle of Nowhere boondocks small town.

Where a butt-load of biker drug cartel cash and offshore account transfers go down several times a year.

Where a radical female tree hugger wants to steal the latest deposit to build an exotic animal rescue and wildlife park in the middle of California and the five ex-convicts including a gun runner and a vitamin chugging Medicare fraud chiropractor who want to help, two arms of the CIA who want the deposit for themselves, a shotgun loving old crop duster pilot with a pack of killer dogs and a down and out bush pilot are all set to collide. It used to be such a peaceful place.

Small planes, government helicopters, enough weapons for a couple of Terminator movies. The Texas Panhandle is about to go up. In more ways than one.