Another One Gone — Stevie Turner

Today I brought my New Year resolution forward a little bit. I promised myself to cut down on social media, and so today LinkedIn bit the dust. I feel quite liberated, because apart from a few people, the rest of the 650 were only there for the sole purpose of trying to sell me something. […]

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Open for Submissions — Orchid’s Lantern


Here’s a shot for anyone with a techno short or a scene/chapter of the same ilk that could stand alone. This is made for a (read this carefully) CONCISE episode of George F’s mind effing bed or the Antierra Manifesto. Long on action and psychological impact, short on preaching.


Just a quick reminder that we are still open for submissions to our first ever anthology: Vast. Please read the guidelines here and send us your stories about mind, soul and consciousness in a technological age by 10th September. Any assistance in spreading the word is also welcome.

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Rejecting Logical Constructions — Edge of Humanity Magazine

This person’s work harks back over 120 years to France and a fresh take on the Roger Dean era. Rarely do I see such articulation, imagination and color. When I do I am compelled to share. The picture above is one of those “I wish I’d done that.” With words.

Photographer Marie-Laure Vareilles is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. From ‘IMPROBABLES III’ series. To see Marie-Laure ’s body of work, click on any photograph. Creation of photo montage : imagine a universe of possibilities, elaborate the encounter of the unlikely. Mixing elements, transforming scale relations, […]

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